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Almost anyone can set up a home poker game, especially online. I will go through two major poker platforms briefly to help you with the set-up, and then we will discuss alternative ways to play online poker with friends.

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Smart Buddy is an automated buddy list that works across all of the major online poker rooms. Users can enter in the screen names of their favorite pros, friends, fish, and sharks and be alerted as to when they log on.

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Free Downloadable Texas Holdem Share article on social media or :. With over 2, players tracked, Smart Buddy is becoming an essential tool in the arsenal of an online poker player. With an easy to use interface similar to an instant messenger tool, you will be up and running in minutes. It can also be filtered to show active players that are online, avoiding the need for cumbersome searches at the individual poker Sweet ladies looking sex tonight Richmond Hill.

About Poker Pro Labs Inc: Poker Pro Labs is the online poker industry's leader in providing poker players with the most advanced online poker tools, services and technology. Share Article.

Smart Buddy tracks players from site to site, with the ability to add real names and icons for each player, and to sort players by category. Poker Pro Labs Inc. Smart Buddy supports all game types and finds players on cash games, as well as multi-table tournaments and sit and go's. A poker buddy list is an indispensable poker tool for online poker players who use Woman looking sex Carolina technology to track down particular players, usually the weakest ones, and take advantage of their shortcomings at the table.

Smart Buddy, which comes pre-loaded with over famous players, allows a player to see who is online at multiple poker sites. Poker Pro Labsthe leader in online poker tools, services and technology has released a universal poker buddy list: Smart Buddy.

Contact Author Elena Kotlar. In poker, knowledge is power, and knowing when and where weak opponents are playing gives the strong player the upper hand. Media Smart Buddy. View article via: Pdf Print.